sam polcer photography

Black and gold.

New Orleans Saints fans know how to tailgate. I had a few minutes before going to my first NFL game in, oh, 25 years, to take a few shots of the insanity outside the Superdome. Also, now I’m hungry. Read the rest of this entry »


House music.

I recently wrote about a collaboration between one of my favorite artists, Swoon, and New Orleans Airlift called The Music Box: A Shantytown Sound Laboratory; it’s basically an elaborate prototyping stage for a project called the Dithyrambalina. When I wasn’t interviewing folks like New Orleans Airlift’s extremely helpful co-founder Delaney Martin and wandering around with my mouth agape, I took a few photos of this remarkable place and the creative folks behind it, including Swoon herself. I wish I could’ve had more time setting up shots, but I’m glad to have witnessed it regardless. Read the rest of this entry »

Frique show.

The final night of Cirque This‘s annual Cirque Off variety show weekend was so much fun! Read the rest of this entry »

Red rover.

Wrote a piece on road trippin’ in a brand new Range Rover Evoque for Hemispheres, going from San Francisco to Eureka by way of Mendocino. Took a few photos along the way (when I wasn’t living out my car commercial fantasies winding through the Redwoods). Read the rest of this entry »

Face time.

Haven’t done many performer headshots … I think this one works, considering it was done on the sly (read: while at work) with no lights, about 15 minutes’ notice and an office hallway location. Go get ’em, JD!

Oh, snaps (summer edition).

Time for another instagram post (Yes, Mom, these photos were taken with my phone). I think this one covers most of the summer all the way through a snowy Halloween weekend. Enjoy the slideshow! Read the rest of this entry »

First dance.

Forgot to post these photos taken on the first day of gay marriages in New York. Better late than never! Read the rest of this entry »

Get your kicks.

Shot a free Muay Thai kickboxing event for Hudson River Park Trust last week. It was my second boxing event this year, what’s going on? Read the rest of this entry »

Birds of a feather.

If you haven’t heard of tUne-yArDs yet, you probably will soon. Merrill Garbus (top, with yellow earring) is a force to be reckoned with—and one with a sound that’s very hard to describe, with looped live samples, primal wails, strange harmonies and big beats (which she plays herself). I caught her last night at Hudson River Park’s RiverRocks series on a very packed Pier 54. Opening act Austra is also a band worth checking out. Read the rest of this entry »

Swing set.

I’ll be shooting all summer for the folks at Hudson River Park. First up: MoonDance on Pier 84, with a lot of happy people kicking up their heels to the sounds of the David Berger Jazz Orchestra. Read the rest of this entry »